Tuesday 2 October 2012

Tears come again.

Inspired by Sylvia Plath.

Colorless, colorless.
Loneliness, loneliness.
Me. Alone.

They are laughing, why?
Maybe at me, maybe at the others.
They feel good with themselves.
They feel powerfull, like they can control you.
And yes, they can control me.

With only one word 
They can destroy my world
I only can feel happy 
If I am alone.

And then someone smiles
And looks at me.
And she says something that makes me laugh
Then I'm happy.
I feel like I have a friend
No more loneliness,
Now all makes sense.

It's late, she has to go
She leaves, I am alone.
Even when I am surrounded by thousand people
I am alone.

Tears in my eyes, pain in my throat.
Stop. I shouldn't cry.
Nobody should see me.
School is finished, I go home.
I speak, but no one hears me,
No one answers me.

Who can I tell my problem?
If I feel like no one can understand
Me. My loneliness.

I hide in my bed.
My earphones in my ears, 
the music is on, the world is away.
Tears come again.